Pencil Portraits of Abigail and Teddy

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My drawings for Low Roar’s Once in a long , long while…Spring 2017

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I had the incredible opportunity to draw and design Low Roar’s newest album to date, Once in a long , long while… Here are some words I wrote about the process.

When I listened to the songs and closed my eyes, I was overwhelmed by the
sublime space of the sound. I could see a vast glacial landscape and Ryan’s voice
like a river runs through the land, his stories picked up by the current to be taken
to sea. I also saw currents of shadows, made up of memories. These are
memories of love and loss, which build up the bedrock to his islands of song.
My aim was to try and portray some sense of this. I wanted to welcome the
audience into Ryan’s thoughts. He looks out into the landscape away from us,
vulnerably, yet reaches bravely back with his hand as if to say, ‘Come with me’.
His silver streaks of hair shine out.
I loved drawing Ryan’s tattoos; each one a song in itself. He’s fascinated by the
number 13. You’ll notice this number in my drawing just below his left ear.

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