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Dear All, This blog is used by me to detail the finer points behind how and why I create work. It is for those of you who want to dive deeper. I hope you enjoy the swim.


I’ve just finished Edmund de Waal’s “Hare with the Amber Eyes’. His sensitivity  makes me want to extend my drawings of Russian interiors to Japanese interiors. Japonismes, Bagatelles, trinkets, victrines…



This netsuke was made in the 18th Century by a man called Soko. For me netsuke can look slightly ugly, but De Wall’s show such craftsmanship and delicacy. This skull looks extremely lifelike.


The Death of Ivan Ilyich

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Tolstoy’s Youth  - aristocratic privilege but emotional deprivation. A N Wilson’s biography must be read.


Below are extracts from my illustrated series of Tolstoy’s short story.


Gerasim holds Ivan Ilyich’s legs willingly…


The son kisses Ivan Ilyich’s flailing hand before he dies.


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I have used gold and blue pigments and pencil to create this 1.8 m high depiction of the dominant sculpture in the last room of the Glyptotek, Munich. The museum was built by Ludwig I to house his collection of Greek and Roman sculpture , (hence γλυπτο- glypto- “sculpture”, from the Greek verb γλύφειν glyphein “to carve”). Designed by Leo von Klenze in the Neo – Classical style, built between 1816 to 1830. Its a must if you’re in the city.

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